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Tuesday Apr 09 2019

Faisal Vawda claims Pakistan will experience 'burst of jobs' in 7-10 days


ISLAMABAD: Water Resources Minister Faisal Vawda claimed on Monday night that in seven-10 days, there will be so many jobs that they will exceed the number of people.

Speaking on Geo News programme Capital Talk, Vawda said there would be a "burst of jobs" and a dearth of people very soon.

In a few days, he stressed further, the stock market and the property and industrial sectors will all improve a lot. 

"So many jobs will be created and I am not talking about years but a week, ten days, two weeks or four weeks in which this will happen.” 

"The living standards will be so great that paan walas [tobacco-sellers] and hawkers will offer to pay taxes," he added.

The minister said he was so sure of his prophecy that he can be challenged if it does not happen.

The host Hamid Mir said Vawda should return after five weeks and if this doesn’t happen should not make any excuses.

“You can butcher me,” Vawda replied. 

When talk show host Hamid Mir said Abdul Razak Dawood — the adviser to the prime minister on commerce, textile, industry, and investment — had earlier said Pakistan has become bankrupt, Vawda said Dawood was not an elected member of the National Assembly.