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Tuesday Jun 11 2019

Federal Budget 2019-20: Rs 1.863tn allocated to PSDP, stressing balanced progress


ISLAMABAD: The government announced Tuesday that Rs1.863 trillion has been allocated to the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the upcoming fiscal year as State Minister for Revenue Hammad Azhar presented Budget 2019-20.

Carrying a theme of balanced regional development to help promote harmony and national integration, Azhar said it had a special focus on the under- and less-developed regions and areas.

Of the total outlay, Rs951 billion was set aside for the federal ministries and divisions, whereas Rs912 billion for the provinces, according to a budgetary document, which further noted that the National Economic Council (NEC) had approved the PSDP allocations on May 29, with foreign assistance worth Rs127 billion.

“The PSDP 2019-20 is a part of a rolling plan to carry forward the strategic vision of the government,” read a budgetary document finalised by the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Reforms through an extensive consultative and participatory process.

The PSDP had been aligned with economic policies and strategies outlined in the 12th Five-Year Plan, with a focus on economic stabilisation, achieving balanced regional development, improving social protection and poverty alleviation, housing, augmentation of water resources, energy and food security, developing competitive knowledge economy, and modernisation of transport infrastructure and greater regional connectivity, the document read.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) continued to remain in the spotlight and projects had been fully funded. Separately, special funds were kept to make Pakistan clean and green as were ensured for 10 billion tsunami trees' programme to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and enhance tourism.

Of the total Rs951-billion federal PSDP, the government allocated:

  • Rs1266.5 million for Aviation Division
  • Rs100 million for Board of Investment
  • Rs39986.47 million for Cabinet Division
  • Rs7579.2 million for Climate Change Division
  • Rs100 million for Commerce Division
  • Rs248.3 million for Communication Division (other than NHA)
  • Rs456 million for Defence Division
  • Rs1700 million for Defence Production Division
  • Rs 333.25 million for Establishment Division
  • Rs4796.76 million for Federal Education and Professional Training Division
  • Rs36821.749 million for Finance Division
  • Rs29.774 million for Foreign Affairs Division
  • Rs29046.88 million for Higher Education Commission
  • Rs2930.07 million for Housing and Works Division
  • Rs142.9 million for Human Rights Division
  • Rs2343.293 million for Industries and Production Division
  • Rs516.126 million for Information and Broadcasting Division
  • Rs7341.617 million for Information Technology and Telecom Division
  • Rs339.958 million for Inter-Provincial Coordination Division
  • Rs9847.769 million for Interior Division
  • Rs44699.4 million for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Division
  • Rs1340.225 million for Law and Justice Division
  • Rs3600.243 million for Maritime Affairs Division
  • Rs135.24 million for Narcotics Control Division
  • Rs12047.516 million for National Food Security and Research Division
  • Rs13376.558 million for NHSRC Division
  • Rs128.016 million for National History and Literary Heritage Division
  • Rs24457.256 million for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
  • Rs301.47 million for Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority
  • Rs581.812 million for Petroleum Division
  • Rs7963.517 million for Planning, Development and Reform Division
  • Rs200 million for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division
  • Rs16000 million for Railways Division
  • Rs1000 million for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Division
  • Rs1818.23 million for Revenue Division
  • Rs7407.361 million for Science and Technological Research Division
  • Rs6033.245 million for SUPPARCO
  • Rs202.828 million for Textile Industry Division
  • Rs85021.359 million for Water Resources Division
  • Rs155,966.835 million for National Highway Authority
  • Rs41792.23 million for NTDC/PEPCO
  • Rs5000 million for ERRA
  • Rs32,500 million for Relief and Rehabilitation of IDPs
  • Rs32500 million for Security Enhancement
  • Rs10000 million for PM's Youth Skill Development Initiative
  • Rs2000 million for Clean Green Pakistan Movement/Tourism
  • Rs1000 million for Gas Infrastructure Development Cess
  • Rs48000 million for Merged Areas' 10-Year Development Plan

The government allocated Rs250000 million for alternative financing, while an amount of Rs912000 million has been set aside for the provinces, the document revealed, and that a robust system for strengthening implementation and monitoring mechanism was being put in place.