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Tuesday Jun 18 2019
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Nasir Khan Jan tells Pakistan cricket team: 'We need happiness, not tension!'

Web Desk
Twitter/Nasir Khan Jan (@NKJModel)/Screenshot via

Renowned social media celebrity Nasir Khan Jan on Tuesday bashed the Pakistani cricket team for their poor performance in the World Cup 2019 so far.

In a video message that he shared on his Twitter account, a visibly angry and emotional Nasir Khan Jan said: "This is not my voice this is all Pakistanis voice.

"Remove all black sheeps from cricket management," he said, adding that his "video message is very important for everyone".

Jan further explained that the stress from Pakistan team's defeats — and especially the one against India on Sunday — had made him sleepless.

"I can't sleep from three days but I want to say something guys. […] We need happiness, not tension. They always made us sad. We need choti choti khushiyan [small moments of happiness] but I love my Twitter fans and love you so much.

"One more thing I'd like to add: please don't eat burger and pizza," he noted.

In another video message that he shared Monday night, he said it "made me cry" and spoke of how the Pakistani cricket team should focus more on their eating habits as well as exercise.

"Guys you need proper fitness. Please don't eat fast food and don't drink sheesha. Sleep properly and stay active. Stay active in the ground.

"You still have the chance our prayer with you. I hope you guys understand my English … stay blessed.

Jan also advised the team to bat first should they win a toss in future.

"And one more thing I'd like to add: Toss jeet ke batting khud kiya karo [opt for batting first after you win the toss] because you can't chase it, you can't take pressure.

"Our prayers with you still, please guys please understand my feelings," he said, almost in tears.

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