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Wednesday Sep 11 2019
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Malala wins the internet with her iPhone 11 tweet

Web Desk
Malala shared a photo of her wearing a bright blue dress featured a similar pattern to iPhone11. Photo: File/Apple

Apple events are nothing short of glamorous.

At the tech company’s recent event in California, the company unveiled the all-powerful new iPhone and iPad models along with its streaming TV service.

However, what caught the tech world’s attention was the Silicon Valley titan’s triple-camera iPhone, which to say the least has given social media a lot to talk about in the coming days.

And of course, not taking a back seat was Malala Yousafzai who has joined in the fun of Apple’s newest offering.

The Nobel laureate took to social media, sharing a photo of what she was wearing and tweeted, “Is this just a coincidence that I wore this dress on the same day as Apple iPhone 11’s launch”.

Malala’s bright blue dress featured a pattern similar to that of the iPhone11 Pro.

Of course, the internet had a field day with Malala’s comparison.

The iPhone 11 will have two back cameras, including an ultra-wide-angle lens and the next generation of microchips, the A13. Prices start at $699, down from last year’s new iPhone that started at $749. Apple also dropped the price of last year’s equivalent model iPhone XR by $150.

The more expensive iPhone 11 Pro will have three cameras on the back and starts at $999. The bigger screen iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1,099.

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