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Friday Oct 25 2019

Major dialogue on Kashmir at Chatham House

 Abdurehman Chinoy, senior executive  of Chinoy Group that is sponsoring the dialogue   

LONDON: Prestigious Chatham House Building in London is set to witness a panel discussion on the issue of Kashmir, bringing together leading voices from Pakistan, India and the United Kingdom.

The conference is titled “The cost to Britain of the Kashmir Crisis – is there a solution?” and it will be held on 7 November.

Chinoy Group is sponsoring the event to find a way forward for the issue that has plagued millions of lives for more than 70 years.

Chinoy Group’s senior executive Abdurehman Chinoy told The News and Geo: “This conference will bring together international leaders and known opinion makers from Pakistan, India and Britain. It will be a two hours discussion on Kashmir at the Chatham House Building. Leading British and South Asian journalists are attending the panel discussion also.

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“The conference will look at the possible role Britain can play to defuse tensions between the two nuclear states leading towards the resolution of Kashmir. The only way forward out of the current lockdown in dialogue between India and Pakistan is through a productive and engaging dialogue. The issue of Kashmir needs sober reflections and judicious handling. No way forward is possible through irrational emotionalism or irresponsible behaviour.”

Abdur Rehman Chinoy, who is currently looking after the International operations of Chinoy Group said that this would be one of the major international dialogues on Kashmir in Britain, after the revocation of Article 370 by the Indian government.

Chinoy has previously sponsored successful events bringing together major figures from Pakistan and India in London. Chinoy said that names of speakers will be disclosed in a week.