Monday Nov 18 2019

PM Imran calls himself ‘dharna expert’, says circus ensued in name of Azadi March


HAVELIAN: Calling himself a 'dharna expert', Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that a 'circus' took place in Islamabad in the name of Azadi March protest.

The PM said this while addressing the groundbreaking of the Hazara Motorway Phase II in Havelian. 

Addressing the crowd, PM Imran said that the protesters could not even stay for a month in the capital as opposed to his party's 2014 protest of 126 days. 

PM Imran warned the opposition leaders saying that even if they all gather, he will not 'forgive' them. 

PM Imran said that the opposition leaders have ulterior motives, which is why they resorted to dharna politics on containers.

PM Imran said that he has been wrought in a way that he will fight against mafia. 

He said the government will focus on spending more money on human development projects instead of only making motorways and roads.

While referring to the conditionality for lifting the ban on Nawaz Sharif’s foreign travel, PM Imran said that there was only one piece of paper the government asked for. "Rs7 billion do not matter for the Sharifs, they can pay this much as tip only."