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Thursday Dec 12 2019
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CCTV footage of lawyers beating hospital staff, vandalising property surfaces

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LAHORE: A CCTV footage of the lawyers attack on the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) surfaced on Thursday in which scores of lawyers can be seen barging into the hospital, vandalising property and beating hospital staff. 

The video shows an angry mob of lawyers carrying sticks bursting through the entrance of the emergency ward. The lawyers can be seen smashing windows with stones and beating up the hospital staff with sticks. 

One of the lawyers can be seen hurling a fire extinguisher across the floor in anger. The faces of the lawyers who can be seen in the video destroying property and assaulting the hospital staff can be identified easily. 

A group of lawyers on Wednesday stormed the emergency ward of the PIC in Lahore, vandalising public property, setting a police vehicle on fire and attacking provincial minister Fayyaz ul Hasan Chohan.

Following the attack, a woman died due to lack of medical attention, while several patients were forced out of the building to sit on footpaths.

As per the deceased woman's son, his mother complained of pain, after which he tried to get hold of a doctor but the doctors went on a strike due to the attack.

Videos of the incident shared on Twitter showed police officials, clad in riot gear, were rendered helpless as a swarm of lawyers, outnumbering the law enforcement personnel, broke the entrance of the hospital.

There were reports of casualties at the emergency ward of the hospital as a result of the confusion and fear that spread inside the facility as the lawyers barged into the building.