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Saturday Dec 14 2019
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It was Charlize Theron that helped revive 'Bombshell': report

Web Desk

Charlize Theron reportedly helped save "Bombshell" from being shelved when the studio backing it pulled out of the film.

Theron, who plays one of the lead characters, is also one of the producers of the movie.

Quoting Jay Roach, the director of the film, a report claimed that the studio backing "Bombshell" suddenly pulled out of the film.

"Leaving the project felt like as if they were falling off a plane which was at a very high altitude," PINKVILLA quoted him as saying.

It was Charlize Theron who made sure that another company came on board within 24 hours after the studio's backing.

Written by Charles Randolph, "Bombshell" stars Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie.

The film is based upon several women at Fox News who set out to expose CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.

John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon, Connie Britton, Malcolm McDowell, and Allison Janney appear in supporting roles.