Tuesday Feb 04 2020

PFA wastes over 2,500 kilos of substandard mayonnaise, ketchup in Lahore raid

Miguel Andrade/via

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Tuesday carried out a raid in the city, sealing at least four eateries in different localities and wasting more than 2,500 kilos of substandard mayonnaise and ketchup, its officials confirmed.

Apart from the 2,686 kilos of substandard mayonnaise and artificial ketchup, there were multiple other bakery items that were wasted during the raid.

According to the director-general of the PFA, a bakery production unit in Lahore's Harbanspura, a food production company in Aziz Bhatti Town, and a food warehouse Salamatpura were shut down following the raid.

The official said the sealed eateries and units were using expired bread and rusted kitchen utensils, mislabelling bakery items, had shabby storage facilities, and had lizards and insects.