Wednesday, February 12, 2020
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PM Imran urges youth to pursue independent ideas fearlessly

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Photo: AFP

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan urged Pakistani youth to pursue independent ideas fearlessly, saying that success and failure came from God rather than human beings. 

The prime minister was speaking as the chief guest at an event organised by the National Incubation Startups where he highlighted the importance of startups for the Pakistani economy. 

"A startup is when people embark fearlessly on their ideas," he said, stating that success became possible when people pursued their dreams after "burning bridges". 

He said that people should not lose hope in the middle of pursuing their dream otherwise they fail without effort. PM Imran said that all his life he had been mocked by people whenever he wanted to follow the path of his dreams. 

"Only God can give you respect or humilitation," he said. "Do whatever you want, you can bring about neither. All day long I hear people talking against me on TV. They can do nothing without the will of God," he added. 

PM Imran recounted an earlier incident when he was a young cricketer playing his first cricket series against the English cricket team. He said that senior cricketers in the Pakistan team were of the view that the series could not be one. 

"This is known as mental slavery," he said. "Often, we wouldn't win several matches only because we didn't have the confidence to do so."

The premier said that when he got into politics 23 years ago, he knew that Pakistan's young population had immense potential. He urged youngsters to pursue their ideas and utilise their potentials by thinking independently. 

PM Imran spoke about 'The American Dream' by saying that societies where business, entrepreneurship and startups were not encouraged ultimately did not progress.