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Saturday Feb 29 2020

Five killed in boiler blast at Chunian factory

Photo: File

Five people were killed on Saturday and several more injured after a boiler blast at a factory in the Chunian locality of Punjab, rescue sources told Geo News

Efforts were underway to douse the fire and clear out the debris resulting from the incident, It is not immediately clear what caused the blast, and an investigation into the incident is also underway. 

Rescue sources said the injured have been shifted to a nearby hospital. 

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Earlier this year, at least ten people were killed and two injured when a natural gas cylinder burst at a perfume factory located in Lahore's Imamia Colony, causing the building housing the factory to catch fire.

The dead also included two women, four children, and the owner of the perfume factory. The injured were shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment after being rescued from the rubble.

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According to reports, a natural gas cylinder burst at the factory during the  night, causing a huge fire that engulfed a nearby house as well. The roofs of both the house and the perfume factory later collapsed.

Rescue officials afterwards cleared the area surrounding the factory. 10 vehicles of the rescue services were used to douse the fire, sources said, as efforts were made to clear the debris from the site.