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Wednesday Mar 18 2020
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Harry, Meghan Markle finding ways to help corona-hit world while in self-isolation

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Harry, Meghan Markle have self-isolated themselves after returning from the UK

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after returning to their new home are kicking off their officially ‘non-royal’ lives by quarantining themselves in their Canada residence.

The Sussex pair has reportedly self-isolated themselves in their Vancouver Island mansion after returning home from the UK where they wrapped up their final engagements as active royal family members.

An insider spilled the beans on their reaction to being cordoned off and the state of the world following the coronavirus outbreak across the globe.

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The grapevine revealed that the two are feeling “grateful” for getting a chance to spend some quality time with the British royal family members "before all this insanity began."

The Duke was said to have been in contact with his father Prince Charles as well as his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II as he encouraged them to stay safe and take necessary precautions.

Meghan on the other hand, has also been taking stern measures to fight the virus and protect her family especially her son Archie, by giving her staff strict hygiene protocol and directing them to wear latex gloves at all times.

That being said, despite limiting their human interactions, the couple is still trying to coordinate with experts to do their part in battling the global pandemic.

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The insider said the duo refuses to “sit around at home doing nothing” with Meghan opening up to her friends about the situation, calling the circumstances a "mental health crisis."

"People who lack support systems need reassurance that they are not alone," the former Suits star has reportedly said.