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Tuesday Apr 07 2020

PM Imran, Royal Family and world leaders express support for Boris Johnson


BIRMINGHAM: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his fiancée Carrie Symonds, both suffering from coronavirus, have received thousands of messages of support from PM Imran, the Royal family and other leaders.

Both Boris, 55, and his pregnant fiancée Miss Symonds 32, are suffering from coronavirus.

Boris, who developed the symptoms of COVID-19, 12 days ago, was admitted to St Thomas’s hospital on Sunday evening upon his doctor's advice for further tests, but on Monday evening he was moved to ICU after he experienced breathing difficulties.

As the news came out massages of support wishing him and Symonds for a speedy recovery flooded including not only from world leaders but also politicians from ruling and opposition parties in the UK.

Prime Minister Imran Khan conveyed his "best wishes and prayers for the earliest recovery and good health of PM [Boris]".

The Queen was also informed about his health condition. Today, she extended her best wishes to Boris and Carrie.

A statement released by Buckingham Palace said that Her Majesty the Queen has sent a personal message to the British prime minister and his family, saying that they are in her thoughts.

“Her Majesty wished the Prime Minister a full and speedy recovery”, the statement said.

Other members of the Royal Family who expressed their message of support include Prince Charles and Duke of Cambridge Prince Williams.

The message, which was shared on the official Twitter account of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, stated:

“Our thoughts are with the Prime Minister and his family, who like so many in the UK and around the world are affected by coronavirus. We wish him a speedy recovery at this difficult time”.

World leaders who shared their messages of support for Johnson include US President Donald Trump, President Macron of France, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Irish and opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif from Pakistan.

US President Trump said that Boris Johnson is a very good friend of his and a friend to the nation [US].

During his daily press briefing, President Trump said, “It's very sad to hear that he was taken to the ICU and Americans are praying for his recovery”.

”He (Boris) is a really good friend, very strong, very resolute, doesn’t quit, doesn’t give up”, further added the US president.

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau said that he hopes to see Boris back in office soon.

In a message on social media, Trudeau said:

“Sending my best wishes to Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a full and speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you and your family right now. Hope to see you back at Number 10 soon.”

French President Emmanuel Macron also extended his support for the British prime minister. In his message, President Macron said, “I send all my support to Boris Johnson, to his family and to the British people at this difficult moment. I wish him a speedy recovery at this testing time”.

Pakistani opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif sent his best wishes and prayers to Johnson for his early recovery.

Sharif, who’s also the president of the PML-N, said: “Deeply concerned to learn that Prime Minister @BorisJohnson has been shifted to ICU on account of the Covid-19 related illness.

"We send him our best wishes and prayers for early recovery and hope that he will soon take up his national responsibility”, he added.

Since then, politicians from both ruling Conservative and also from opposition Labour, Lib Dam and SNP expressed their support and prayers for Boris and Symonds' quick recovery.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was praying for the prime minister’s swift recovery. St Thomas’s Hospital, where Boris Johnson has been admitted, has some of the finest medical staff.

“He couldn’t be in safer hands”, added Sadiq Khan.

Opposition leader Sir Keri Starmer said that the British premier admitted in the intensive care unit was "terrible news" .

“All the country’s thoughts are with the Altima Minster and his family during this incredibly difficult time”, said Sir Keir Starmer, who was recently elected to lead the opposition Labour Party.

Boris' predecessors David Cameron and Theresa May have also sent their messages of support for him.

Former PM David Cameron said that everyone wanted Johnson to be safe, well and back in Downing Street.

David Cameron said, “My thoughts and prayers are with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his family”.

Mr Cameron, who’s also a friend of Johnson, said, “He is a very tough, very resilient and very fit person, with a tremendous zest for life. Get well soon Boris - we all want you safe, well and back in DowningStreet”.

Another former prime minister Theresa May said that her thoughts and prayers were with Johnson and family.

“This horrific virus does not discriminate. Anyone can get it. Anyone can spread it. Please #StayHomeSaveLives”, added Mrs May another Prime Minister who has to resign over Brexit issue. Her resignation led to Johnson being elected as leader of the ruling Conservative party and subsequently the prime ministership.

Former chancellor Sajid Javed also said Boris is one of the strongest people he knows and his thoughts are with him, Carrie and family.

“Get well soon, the country needs you”, added Sajid Javed.

Labour’s Khalid Mahmood whose MP from Birmingham said the news of PM being shifted to ICU is Sad.

“All our thoughts, prayers and best wishes to him for a quick recovery. Thank you to the wonderful NHS staff for doing a tremendous job”, added Mr Mahmood who’s the most senior Muslim member of Parliament.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi who’s been a strong critic of Boris Johnson, also prayed for his speedy recovery. In her message on social media the Conservative party member said:

“This is deeply worrying - my thoughts and prayers are with the PM and his family - especially Carrie Symonds at this difficult time.

Hoping and praying Boris makes a full recovery InshaAllah”.

According to a statement released by Downing Street on Tuesday afternoon, the Prime Minister is in “stable” condition and in good “spirit” and receiving “standard oxygen treatment.

“He has not required mechanical ventilation or invasive respiratory support & is breathing without any other assistance”, said the official statement.