Sunday Apr 19 2020
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Miley Cyrus unperturbed by Chris Hemsworth’s snide remark about her

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Miley Cyrus is aware of the comments by Chris Hemsworth but she won’t respond, a source revealed

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may have ended their marriage but their bitterness still lingers among the two families.

The past paramours were brought back into the limelight after the Wrecking Ball singer’s ex-brother-in-law and actor Chris Hemsworth seemingly made a snide remark about her while speaking about his brother’s failed marriage.

Now, HollywoodLife is reporting how Miley feels about the comments made by the Thor actor and it looks like she is absolutely unperturbed.

A source spilled to the entertainment portal: “Miley is aware of the comments but she won’t respond.”

“She’s not with Liam anymore and is very happy in her current relationship so as far as she’s concerned it’s just none of her business what Liam or his family says. She already spoke her truth with her music, she’s moved on now. She’s happy and in love and she’s putting her energy into trying to help as much as she can in this current crisis,” the grapevine added.

Another insider dished the details to the publication saying: “Miley‘s focused on the here and now, she isn’t looking backwards. And she doesn’t want to be petty. She wants to move on and hopes that Liam and all the Hemsworths will move on as well.”

“Miley‘s focus is her family, her dogs, her relationship with Cody and her Instagram show that all this week has been about talking to people who are making a difference in the world. Miley wants to make a difference and not get wrapped up in a celebrity feud especially with an ex. It provides no progress to anything at any time. Miley is cool moving forward and that’s that,” the source added.

Chris during an interview with News.com.au had spoken about his brother, saying: "He's out there training and staying fit, and back in Australia doing his thing. It's Australian living, I guess. We got him out of Malibu!"

Meanwhile, the singer is shifting her focus towards her Instagram Live chat show Bright Minded: Live with Miley, where she interviews her famous friends from the industry during quarantine.

Liam and Miley had parted ways last year in August, filing for a divorce only seven months after they tied the knot in December 2018.