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Thursday May 28 2020
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Adam Sandler was nearly choked to death by his costars during ‘Uncut Gems’ filming

Web Desk
Adam Sandler's costars had been repeatedly beating up his character and ended up nearly 'choking' him 

Hollywood actor Adam Sandler received massive praise for his 2019-released film Uncut Gems.

However, what went on behind the scenes of the Josh and Benny Safdie-directorial remained largely untold up until now.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the director duo as well as the actor himself recounted an instance on the set when Sandler's costars may have crossed a line or two, going a little too rough on him in one of the scenes.

Detailing how the two costars, who played Sandler’s bodyguards, had been repeatedly beating up his character nearly “choked” him at one point.

"Sandler's so in it, he's so into the character that it started to actually get a little scary one or two times because he's getting choked at one point in the scene and there were all these cues," said Josh Safdie.

"There was one take when Sandler was getting choked and he was trying to tap out, but the actor thought he was just being Howard so he choked harder, and Adam couldn't breathe,” he went on to say.

The filmmakers revealed that the two bodyguards were played by Keith William Richards and Tommy Kominik, who had previously not been in any films but still were quite professional with their work.