Wednesday Jun 17 2020
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Hollywood bigwigs not eager to cast Meghan Markle: report

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have settled in Los Angeles after stepping down from their roles as senior members of the British royal family.

The couple shifted to the United States in pursuit of a more independent life. 

Several reports in UK and US media claimed that Meghan Markle was expecting that Hollywood bigwigs would be eager to cast her in their TV and films projects.

A report went on to claim that she was expecting to get Oscar-winning roles but to her dismay she has received offers that she is unwilling to accept.

Citing an insider, heatworld.com reported, “Meghan had really expected to have her pick of movie roles and other exciting offers, but it’s been a bit of an uphill battle.”

The report further said “It seems like some casting directors are afraid of the negativity surrounding her and Harry’s decision to quit the royal family.

Commenting on the roles Meghan Markle has been offered so far, the report said, "She’s received offers to host her own daytime talk show, which she thinks would be ‘cringeworthy’, and she’s also been offered guest slots on a few minor dramas, sitcoms and reality shows. But she really feels that she can only lend her name to prestige projects, like she did when she narrated the Disney documentary Elephants.”