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Friday Jun 26 2020
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Cardi B claps back against bogus #CardiBIsOver party on Twitter

Web Desk

Cardi B just laid all speculations to rest after her five-minute-long video puts an end to the trending #CardiBIsOver cancelation party on Twitter.

In her Instagram upload, the rapper said, “I woke up and I‘m seeing that they’re trying to make ‘Cardi B Is Cancelled Party.’ I’m like… I’m not doing anything.”

In her video, she also discussed all allegations spewed against her, including her alleged feud with Ariana Grande by saying, “So people made this ridiculous lie of me on twitter. I’m glad I pulled up all the receipts and DEBUNKED ALL OF IT. It’s crazy the time and energy people put to try to destroy you but this was JUST RIDICULOUS.”

“Ariana Grande? I don‘t even have a problem with her,” the rapper claimed. “Why would I ever talk about her? I like her music. I don’t know her like that.” The same went for Lil’ Kim, who she said she adores. “I love Lil Kim and I respect her and admire her, but I don’t personally know her.”

She also went on to say, “It proves to me that I intimidate anybody that has any hate towards me that they will find any possible way to break me.”

As soon as her video went viral, the trend died down as was replaced with an overwhelming trend claiming “#CardiBIsComing” and “#WeLoveYouCardi.”