Tuesday Jul 07 2020

Karachi’s women police station gives shelter to girl who left abusive husband

The girl, hailing from Sindh's Nawabshah, had to seek refuge in Karachi after leaving abusive husband.

KARACHI: A newly-wed girl from Nawabshah is reported to be currently finding refuge at a women's police station in the metropolis' west zone after she left her abusive husband.

The women's police station staff, on the other hand, was searching for the family of the young girl.

The girl — a resident of Qazi Ahmed Road in Nawabshah district of Sindh — said she had been married to a man named Ahmed six months ago. Within a few weeks, her husband kicked her out of the house, she added, noting that she had no choice but to leave and come to Karachi.

After being admitted to a shelter home in Karachi’s Central district, the facility's management found her uncles and handed her over to them. However, her uncles also banished her from their home after a while.

Since then, the victim of domestic violence has had nowhere permanent to go.

For now, she has taken refuge at the Liaquatabad women's police station. According to the girl, her mother had passed away and her only brother also died two-and-a-half years ago.

As for her father, she has no idea about his whereabouts.

According to Station House Officer (SHO) Liaqatabad Uzma Khan, Karachi police were trying to trace her father by contacting their counterparts in Nawabshah.