Saturday Jul 25 2020
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PTI govt proactively stifles freedom of press, says PPP’s Nayyar Bukhari

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PPP leader Nayyar Bukhari lamented that the media is under immense pressure and tactics are being used to silence dissent and other opinions -- File photo

PPP leader and General Secretary Nayyar Bukhari lambasted the PTI government on Saturday, saying that the party, which “came into existence thanks to the media”, is now proactively stifling the freedom of the press in the country.

The PPP leader, in a statement, said that the character assassination of political opponents, trading blame and coarse language are the hallmarks of the current government.

The PPP leader regretted that the media is meanwhile under immense pressure and tactics are being used to silence dissent and differing opinions.

He said that incompetent rulers have left the public at the mercy of the coronavirus pandemic, while the agriculture sector is under attack by swarms of locusts damaging food crops.

“[Meanwhile] President House has been turned into an ordinance factory,” jibed Bukhari, adding that those “who attacked parliament” — a reference to violence during PTI's 2014 dharna — are continuing to tarnish its dignity.

“Under the reign of the flag-bearers of good governance, the rulers [now seem to be] above the law and subjecting political opponents to vengeful acts,” he further remarked.

The PPP leader slammed the National Accountability Bureau, saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan, federal ministers and PTI leaders are busy in abuse of power but the watchdog has averted its gaze.

“The NAB has been a silent spectator and still is,” he said. 

He also alleged that the PTI has handed over the “keys to the national exchequer” to the International Monetary Fund.

Commenting on the recent wheat and sugar crisis, he said that PM Imran himself gave subsidies earlier and is now ordering the formation of “commissions” to identify the issue.

He said that artificial crises have been created under the PTI government, and the nation has been deprived of its rights and hard-earned money.