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Thursday Aug 13 2020
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Jake Paul sets the record straight: 'FBI raid entirely related to Arizona looting'

Web Desk

YouTuber Jake Paul addressed the FBI raid finally, that had taken place at his Calabasas home.

In a now-deleted YouTube video, the internet sensation and boxer addressed the entire debacle and set the record straight as he quashed all ‘absurd’ chitchat making rounds.

"Just to clarify things and set the record straight, the FBI raid is entirely related to the Arizona looting situation that happened,” he said.

"It's an investigation. There are rumors about it having to do with so many other things that have nothing to do with me or my character and the [expletive] that people are making up is absolutely absurd,” he added.

"That being said, when I become aware of someone around me who is doing malicious things they are immediately cut out of my life. I don't put up with [expletive], I don't surround myself with bad people. If someone does something bad, they will be removed from my life,” he continued.

He said further that in the midst of the investigation, his ultimate goal is simply to “continue to focus on my life, myself, boxing, music.”

“Thank you to all the fans who have been sticking by my side through all of these crazy times," he concluded.

Last week, a spokesperson for the FBI issued a statement to Entertainment Tonight where they confirmed the raid that took place at Paul’s residence.

"The FBI is executing a federal search warrant at a residence in Calabasas in connection with an ongoing investigation. The affidavit in support of the search warrant has been sealed by a judge and I am, therefore, prohibited from commenting as to the nature of the investigation. No arrests are planned,” they said.

The internet star had been drawing in flak for hosting parties in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In a video referencing one of his large soirees, mayor of Calabasas, Alicia Weintraub reprimanded Paul, saying: “It wasn’t just myself who was outraged, it was everyone who saw the video.”

The YouTuber with over 20.2 million subscribers had recently landed in trouble in Arizona where he joined a group of looters at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall back in May and was charged with criminal trespass, in the midst of the surging racial tensions in the United States.

Police issued a statement to Fox News back then, saying: "Following the riots and looting that occurred on the evening of May 30th 2020 at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, the Scottsdale Police Department received hundreds of tips and videos identifying social media influencer, Jake Joseph Paul (23), as a participant in the riot.”

“Our investigation has revealed that Paul was present after the protest was declared an unlawful assembly and the rioters were ordered to leave the area by the police. Paul also unlawfully entered and remained inside of the mall when it was closed. As a result, Paul has been charged with Criminal Trespass and Unlawful Assembly (both misdemeanor charges)," the statement added.