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Saturday Sep 19 2020
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PTI’s Naqvi apologises to party workers for choice of words over Karachi's gas shortage

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PTI Karachi President Firdous Shamim Naqvi on Friday apologised to his party workers for not conveying his “words” properly which he admitted seemed to indicate that he was criticising Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“My intention was to say I am going to complain about the energy minister and SSGC to the PM, on hearing the recording, words are not exactly conveying that,” tweeted the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly.

Naqvi also apologised to his “leader” PM Imran, adding that he is the “most committed and upright man” that he has met.

On Thursday in a fiery press conference, Naqvi lashed out at the federal government, saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan, energy minister Omar Ayub and prime minister's assistant on petroleum, Nadeem Babar, should be "ashamed" that Karachi was facing a crisis of gas shortage.

"I am not concerned if it is the PTI's government [at the Centre] or the PML-N's," he said during a press conference. "The city has very poor gas delivery. I will keep on making noise [over the issue]. The prime minister should listen, Omar Ayub should listen and Nadeem Babar should also listen. I will make sure they feel ashamed and will say to them 'Koi sharam hoti hai koi haya hoti hai (Where is your shame, your honour?)'," said Naqvi.

The opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly called on the government to sincerely work to resolve the issue of gas shortage in Karachi.

"Two years have passed [since the PTI came into power]; they should resolve this issue," Naqvi said. He said that a steady supply of gas was a basic right of the people.