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Monday Oct 19 2020
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Chris Pratt faces the wrath of Marvel fans for supporting Donald Trump

Web Desk

American actor Chris Pratt has managed to irk the internet once again as speculation about his support for Donald Trump escalated. 

As Marvel stars announced that they will be teaming up to host a fundraiser for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign, many fans started to discuss The Guardians of The Galaxy star and why he wasn’t included.

And therein began a battle of the famous Chrises including Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pine and Chris Pratt.

British journalist Mehdi Hasan tweeted: "Goodbye Chris Pratt."

Soon after, many started bringing up his past objectionable views, as one user claimed: “I thought we all agreed Chris Pratt had been kicked out of Chris Club for his homophobic church and his dismissal of the urgency of this election. He’s the obvious choice.”

“This can't be true.. one my favorite actors Chris Pratt trump supporter?? And he's ANTI LBGTQ?? This must be a lie.. is he sick?? Ugh this hurts..” added another.

“Chris Pratt being a Trump supporter is kind of obvious when he kills animals for sport & his father in law is a former Republican Governor. What took y’all so long to figure it out???” a third added.