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Monday Oct 19 2020
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Eminem helped a Grammy award winning producer buy a house

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A Grammy Award winning  record producer has paid tribute to Marshall Mathers aka Eminem on the Detroit rapper's 48th birthday.

Dante Ross, who produced two tracks on Eminem’s 8 Mile soundtrack, praised Slim Shady because the "Lose Yourself" rapper was not given to pettiness.

Taking to Twitter, Ross said his friend Everlast and Eminem were engaged in a beef before his songs featured on the 8 Mile soundtrack.

He said Em could have axed his songs due to his feud with Everlast but he thought better of it. 

Ross revealed that he ended up buying a house with the money his work with Eminem helped him earn.

"Cant say I know @Eminem  but god bless that cat. I had 2 songs on the 8 mile soundtrack after he was beefing with my man Everlast. He could have s*** on me. He didn’t. I ended up buying a house with the bread it helped me make. Big Up that man on his bornday," he tweet read.