Monday Oct 26 2020
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Prince Harry, William learnt about love through Charles, Diana's failed marriage

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Prince William and Prince Harry were quite young when their parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana decided to part ways.

In his new book Battle of Brothers: William and Harry: The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, royal biographer and historian Robert Lacey explains how Charles and Diana's dramatic divorce shaped Harry and William differently- and how it is that one of the root causes of their current feud.

Both of the brothers had to go through the trauma of their parents’ split at a really tender age and according to Lacey, the incident greatly impacted how the princes would respond the idea of love in later ages of their lives.

"We thought the disorder, chaos and tragedy of the ’80s and ’90s involving their parents were over. Now [it’s all] come back to life in the shape of these two boys. They are the legacy of all that heartache," Lacey said in a recent interview.

While Prince William became cautious in handling relationships, Prince Harry became a man of heart and pursued love, despite all the challenges.

William made sure the lesson of his mother’s marriage, split ad death taught him well. He never wanted to throw his spouse in to the world of the royal family too quickly and get her overwhelmed.

While speaking of Kate, Lacey revealed, "When he meets Kate Middleton at university, he actually makes the poor young woman wait nine years to effectively audition her for the job as wife to the head of state. He took the lesson of duty."

Harry on the other hand believed the cause of his parents’ split was the lack of presence of love and trust between the two. Even when he was a husband to Diana, Prince Charles was famously fixated on Camilla Parker-Bowles, whom he later married.

Speaking about Harry, Lacey explained: "His attitude was: 'Well, I’m not going to make the same mistake as my parents,'" Lacey said. "'I’m marrying for love.' And he’s been so happy and proud to proclaim he loved Meghan virtually from the moment he met her in 2016. That impulse has guided him."

Their very different take on love shaped why the brothers are standing against each other today

"The rift gets more serious with every passing day," he said.