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Thursday Oct 29 2020
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's 'wonderful' speeches about US election lauded as 'civic duty'

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's speeches about US election were lauded as a 'civic duty' as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex encouraged Americans to vote.

Meghan and Harry have been praised by a prominent historian for their 'wonderful' speeches as they encouraged Americans to vote in the upcoming US election.

Meghan and Harry's speeches were regarded as a 'civic duty' as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex motivated people ‒ especially women ‒ to have their voice heard.

The tow royals have urged the Americans to vote for their better tomorrow. During a virtual event from her Montecito mansion, Meghan went on to say that those who do not vote are 'complicit'.

Australian historian Professor Jenny Hocking suggested that it is “wonderful” that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are encouraging people to vote, arguing that voting is a “civic duty” and not one that is partisan.

She even compared it to the work that the late Princess of Wales was involved in, issues that were “above politics”.

When asked about how the royal couple are reported in Australia, she told 'There was quite an interesting coverage of Meghan Markle’s recent speeches encouraging people to vote, which I happen to think is a wonderful thing'.

She continued: 'Because it’s an expression of a civic duty, not partisan, political duty as some people seem to suggest it was, but actually it's a civic duty and responsibility and a good thing to vote.'

She even went on to say: 'It’s a broader inference, it's more like the sort of things that I think Princess Diana was involved in, matters that were above politics in that sense, but actually were about broader, international and national concerns rather than party political concerns.'

However, both the royals have been criticised after their comments as they allegedly broke the convention that members of the Royal Family should not speak about political matters.

According to some royal commentators, Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior royals at the end of March and are in uncharted territory as to what they will and should be allowed to speak about.

Neither Meghan or Harry have come out in support for Mr Biden or against Mr Trump and so, according to Prof Hocking, they are taking a civic, not a partisan stance.

Previously, they were criticised as Harry reportedly has a personal friendship with Joe and Jill Biden, who have attended the Invictus Games on several occasions.

Some of their critics claimed hat they took a jab at Mr Trump’s campaign, with Harry saying on one of their Time100 videos: 'As we approach this November, it is vital that we reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity.'