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Saturday Nov 21 2020
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Royal family required total 'reinvention' from Meghan Markle: report

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Meghan Markle was required to “reinvent” herself before she was allowed to enter into the royal family, according to an expert.

This claim was brought forward by Mrs. Murphy during one of her most recent interviews with ITV’s Lorraine. 

According to Express UK, she was quoted telling the host, "She's a 36-year-old woman, she has had a long time to have an independent life to forge her own opinions, and she has very much made a career of promoting herself - of putting herself forward.”

"She has an Instagram account, and she's been very open and outspoken about a lot of things. And these are things that are going to have to change."

"It does feel like a need for a bit of reinvention really, she is really kind of parking what she's done before and moving herself into her new role.”

She concluded by saying, "And at the moment everything seems to point to her being really invested in everything that's required to make this role a success."