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Sunday Nov 22 2020
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Royal disaster: When Windsor Castle went up in flames after massive fire broke out

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Windsor Castle completely destroyed after fire broke out in 1992 

There was a time when the royal family almost lost Queen Elizabeth's childhood abode, the Windsor Castle, after a massive fire gulped it down. 

The incident occurred in 1992 when the royal family received the heartbreaking news of the fire causing most parts of the castle to be completely ravaged. 

This made the royals "devastated" after as many as 115 rooms, including nine State Rooms, were completely destroyed.

Although rescue teams and firefighters arrived shortly after, it took everyone 15 hours to douse the blaze.

Prince Andrew was the only royal staying in the castle at the time and he managed to escape unhurt.

The fire caused royal family a severe financial blow, estimated to be around £36.5 million.

All this left the members of the royal family, specifically Queen Elizabeth, reeling in pain for days.

Talking about the same, royal expert Piers Brendon spoke during ITV’s documentary Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals, "You could see it in her face,” adding, “You don’t often see that depressed look on her features.”

Ex-royal correspondent Wesley Kerr added, "What a terrible blow that must have been for the Queen. She must have thought I am a custodian of this place and I failed in my duties."