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Tuesday Feb 23 2021
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When is Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's second baby due? Find out

Web Desk

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry delighted the world with the ecstatic news that they are expecting their second child.

Although not much is known about how far along Meghan is in the pregancy, insiders say it is safe to assume that the little one will arrive sometime in 2021.

When the Duchess was pregnant with Archie, Meghan and Harry announce the news seven months prior to his birth. 

If they follow this pattern with baby number two, Meghan could give birth in September. 

Prince Harry’s birthday falls on September 15, which could see father and baby potentially sharing the special day.

While Meghan and Harry are extremely private, it is difficult to know the gender and arrival of the baby until their birth.

It’s also looking likely that the birth will happen over in America, and not in the UK.