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Monday Apr 12 2021
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Prince Philip thought ‘The Crown’ was ‘shockingly malicious and disgraceful'

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Netflix irked a number of people with The Crown's portrayal of the British monarchy and its problematic history tainted by many controversies. 

Even though many of the royals take the show with a grain of salt and enjoy seeing their lives dramatized on screens—such as Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth—others like Prince Philip were quite infuriated with the depiction.

As per royal biographers, the Duke of Edinburgh was quite shocked and upset about his portrayal on the show.

In a chat with the Mail on Sunday, biographer Sally Bedell Smith told the tabloid that the “most malicious” scene for Philip was the one where his father was furiously blaming him for the death of his sister Cecilie in a plane crash.

“Cecilie did die in an air crash … that’s the only thing that was true. Everything else was invented in a shockingly malicious way,” she said.

Bedell Smith further revealed that the storyline of the show was “terribly upsetting” to him, adding that Netflix “should emphatically apologize.”

“And I think a disclaimer is necessary more than ever. Now that he is gone, what they have done to his reputation is in even sharper relief,” she added.

Royal biographer Hugo Vickers shared the same thoughts, saying: “How disgraceful it was to turn Prince Philip into a caricature person – never doing any work in the series.”

“The depiction was cruel and deeply unfair. The least Netflix could do was to alert viewers with a disclaimer,” he added.