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Saturday Apr 17 2021
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Roman Kemp sheds light on wild nights and endless partying with Justin Bieber

Web Desk

Capital FM presenter Roman Kemp, who also enjoyed a stint on I'm A Celeb, shared details of Justin Bieber's partying ways.

The Radio star shed lights on wild nights and endless partying with Baby artist Justin Bieber.

 The 28-year-old, while chatting to The Sun, revealed that he witnessed Justin partying every single night for over three weeks when they hung out some years ago.

Around the time that Justin had dropped his album 'Purpose', the Canadian singer also invited Roman along to dinner before going onto a party.

"Without a doubt, he was the wildest. He’s grown into a very different young man now. He’s a lot more serious and focused," Roman told the publication.

“But around his Purpose album (in 2015) when he was in London, I have never seen anything like that in my life — and I thought I’d seen a lot. It went on for three weeks, every single night."

Roman added that the partying 'just kept going' and he reflected on the attention he received while in the presence of Justin Bieber.