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Friday May 07 2021
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Will Smith's social media post forces Jamie Lee Curtis to speak up

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American actress Jamie Lee Curtis is very candid and outspoken in expressing her views as recently she shared her untouched picture in response to American actor Will Smith's dad-bod social media share with an inspiring message that we should accept our bodies along with all imperfections.

The 62-year-old actress underscored the need for self-acceptance for anyone who wants to get into better shape.

Will Smith recently broke the internet while revealing that he was not superhero ripped at the moment. Sharing his picture on Instagram, he captioned the post: "I’m gonna be real wit yall - I’m in the worst shape of my life."

His 'worst shape' post attracted a lot of responses from fans and celebs alike. Jamie Lee Curtis is one of them as she shared an untouched pic of herself from an old More Magazine photoshoot she had in 2002.

In a now-deleted post on her own Instagram, the actress shared on Wednesday alongside Will Smith's untoned tummy's image. "Acceptance of the way things are is the first step to any change," Curtis said in the caption.

"My old MORE @_moremagazine story was both a testament to 'The way things were for me' as well as a way to show the artifice of magazine advertising and air brushing but also a chance to look in the mirror and make some changes."

Jamie Lee Curtis said everyone needs to be healthy. "None of us should be unhealthy," she said. "We ALL have fallen into bad habits. The GOAL is self acceptance, self love. Realistic, attainable self acceptance."

Jamie Lee Curtis has a subtle message of being thankful for what you have. "In recovery we say ‘Compare and despair’. MANY people don’t have the luxury of oodles of time and money to focus on their training. Mostly it should be a discussion starter," she added.