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Saturday May 08 2021
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Mark Ruffalo slams HFPA over 'lack of diversity'

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Mark Ruffalo, a three-time Oscar nominee, reportedly called out HFPA over 'lack of diversity' following announcement of the new plan on Friday.

Ruffalo and GLAAD issued their own statements after a media outlet broke the news about Netflix’s Ted Sarandos vowing to stop activities with HFPA until more extensive changes occur.

The dashing actor, who won a Golden Globe Award this year, was reported to have said he “cannot feel proud or happy about being a recipient of this [Golden Globe] award,” which he won for his dual role in HBO’s I Know This Much Is True.

“It’s discouraging to see the HFPA, which has gained prominence and profited handsomely from their involvement with filmmakers and actors, resist the change that is being asked of them from many of the groups that have been most disenfranchised by their culture of secrecy and exclusion,” The actor said in a statement to Deadline. 

"The Justice Movement is offering all of us, the HFPA, and every other entertainment entity, a good way forward. We should all follow suit. It is our audiences and our highest sense of decency that we are ultimately serving with these changes. They are both deserving.”

Ruffalo went on to say: “Now is the time to step up and right the wrongs of the past. Honestly, as a recent winner of a Golden Globe, I cannot feel proud or happy about being a recipient of this award."

HFPA has been facing backlash for weeks over the 'lack of diversity' in its ranks and its poorly received initial statement about it and subsequent plan for 'transformational change'.