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Tuesday May 11 2021
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Ramadan recipes: Check out the top six entries

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The holy month of Ramadan is almost at an end but we have some exciting news for our readers. After going through several entries, we have decided to select the top six mouth-watering Ramadan recipes!

From home-baked brownies to a strawberry parfait and Imli and Aloo Bukhara sharbat, people sent in all kinds of sumptuous recipes. 

1. Strawberry Parfait

If strawberry is you're favourite food and you want to mesh it in with some delicious biscuits, cream and sugar, say no more. Below is the recipe for some heavenly Strawberry Parfair that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. 

The recipe:

2. Watermelon Juice

Cold drinks automatically take over in summer, when we can barely escape the heat and perspire till no end. Take care of that parched throat with some refreshing watermelon juice to replenish your strength during Ramadan. 

3. Homemade brownies

If you thought baking was an arduous process, fear no more. This recipe right here will enable you to prepare delicious brownies right at home, with the perfect ingredients. Savour the taste of some rich brownies, prepared right in your own homes! 

The recipe

4. Imli and Aloo Bukharay ka Sharbat

Most of us haven't tried anything like this before but judging from the recipe and the ingredients, it won't disappoint!

The recipe:

5. Homemade jalebis

Homemade jalebis can be a delight for those who crave the food. If you aren't in the mood to buy from the bazaar and would love to prepare some jalebis at home, this right here is the way to do it. 

The recipe:

6. Green chili chicken

Green chilies, chicken and Mozzarella cheese. If this doesn't satisfy you, we're not sure what will!

The recipe: