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Wednesday Jun 09 2021

Lahore sizzles as mercury hits 43°C; citizens advised to remain indoors

Citizens of Lahore were advised to remain indoors and not leave their homes for any unnecessary reason as the mercury hit 43°C on Wednesday.

According to the Met Office, the temperature was 43°C but the real feel index put it at 47°C. It added that the occasional wind that hits the city was recorded at 5km/hour.

It also forecast that winds may return to the city today evening and predicted rains for the city starting Saturday.

The sun that has been boiling the city for three days has turned the roads into an oven, leaving them deserted.

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The heat did not just affect the people of the city, even animals were searching for shade and water to beat the heat.

Medical experts have told citizens not to leave their homes unnecessarily and remain hydrated. They also said that if it is necessary to leave then citizens should cover their head and neck, and wear sunglasses.