Wednesday Jun 16 2021
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Lawmakers from PTI, PML-N blame each other for NA ruckus

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ISLAMABAD: The lawmakers from PML-N and PTI have blamed each other for the ruckus in the National Assembly during which the members hurled abuses at each other and threw budget books.

Speaking to the media, PTI's female lawmakers, Zartaj Gul and Maleeka Bukhari demanded strong action against the PML-N members who attacked the women members of the PTI yesterday.

Maleeka Bukhari, who got injured yesterday, said the NA speaker should take notice of yesterday's incident and the PML-N leaders should also seek an apology for their actions.

Zartaj Gul said the PML-N is no longer a political party. She said no woman is safe from the hooliganism, abusive language and character assassination of the opposition party.

Bukhari said the PML-N has a record of attacking institutions including the Supreme Court.

She said yesterday's incident was a black day in the parliamentary history of Pakistan wherein the PML-N crossed all the limits.

"The PML-N should demonstrate patience in its conduct."

Gul said that the Opposition party came to this level because they could not accept the "people-friendly" budget.

On the other hand, senior PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi termed the ruckus as an attack on the parliamentary system.

"The NA speaker has failed to deliver. He had already lost our trust and now has lost his government's as well."

Khaqan Abbasi said that they (PTI members) do not deserve such a system, they abuse and throw books.

"I guarantee you, nothing will happen. Speaker will not take action against anyone and if action is taken, it would be against a few innocent people."

The PML-N leader lashed out at Asad Qaiser, saying ministers were using filthy language in front of him but he couldn't do anything.

Khaqan Abbasi asked suggested Qaiser to resign in protest if he can't do anything.