People flock to Karachi's beaches to beat the heat, flouting coronavirus SOPs

Karachiites ignore government's call for maintaining precautions against coronavirus

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The sheer volume of people at Karachis Turtle beach. — Photo courtesy Times of Karachi
 The sheer volume of people at Karachi's Turtle beach. — Photo courtesy Times of Karachi

Pakistan is largely ahead of a deadly third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The country, however, is struggling with its vaccination drive and has only fully vaccinated 3.4 million people. 

The recent wave and the vaccination numbers would suggest that the citizens would take care to avoid crowds and maintain social distancing.

However, Karachiites seemed to have completely ignored the government's call for maintaining precautions, even while being immunised.

Videos on social media of citizens, who thronged the beaches of Karachi on Sunday, are nothing short of horrifying.

People had likely flocked to the beach to beat the intense heatwave. Temperatures regularly hover around 40 degrees and the humidity only exacerbates the situation.

However, one must question whether temporary relief is worth it if it can spark the fourth coronavirus wave.