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Monday Jun 21 2021
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‘Meghan was right after all!’ Fans lash out at Charles for 'racist' move against Archie

Web Desk

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dropped bombshells in their Oprah Winfrey interview, many had questioned whether the couple was speaking the truth or not.

However, it looks like the latest reports coming out of the palace have solidified Meghan’s claims about her and Prince Harry’s son Archie not receiving the same treatment as the rest owing to his mixed race.

The Mail on Sunday reported that the Prince of Wales is looking forward to “slimming down the monarchy” once he becomes the king, meaning the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s kids Archie and Lilibet wouldn’t receive the titles of prince and princess.

Following the news, royal fans flocked to Twitter and expressed their support for Meghan while calling out the Duke of Cornwall.

"The first mixed race grandson .. good move Charles .. that prove everything Meghan said is true,” wrote one user.

“Lest we forget this is precisely what Meghan said. They were discussing how they would change a 100+ year convention to prevent Archie and his future siblings, now Lili, from being Princes and Princesses,” wrote another user.