Sunday Jul 18 2021
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Watch: WhatsApp secures chat, media history with encrypted cloud backups

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WhatsApp is now working to secure chat log history via end-to-end encryption.

According to Slash Gear, with the latest beta update, the messaging app is offering encrypted cloud backup.

Cloud backup is the history of a user's WhatsApp chat and media stored on cloud services like Google Drive.

As of now, backlogs are not secured, which means anyone with access to your old chat logs will be able to access and read and see your previous messages and media.

As a solution, WhatsApp is adding encryption to cloud backups of WhatsApp chats.

This will encrypt the logs end-to-end much like chats on WhatsApp securing message history and media on Goole Drive from unauthorised access.

The logs will be encrypted through a password or 64-digit encryption key. This ensures that only you can access your backup logs keeping them secure from the potential risk of a privacy breach.

Users will have the choice to opt out of the feature anytime they wish to do so. The feature is available on the latest beta version of the app for Android users.