Saturday Aug 21 2021

Video of another woman being assaulted emerges, this time in Mirpur

Amid multiple incidents of harassment against women surfacing, all of which seem to have taken place around the time of Independence Day, another horrific video of a woman being assaulted has emerged.

The incident appears from the video footage to have taken place in a park. Lahore police later said they had found this to be the Jarikas family park in Mirpur, where a citizen recorded the video and uploaded it to TikTok.

The video shows a large mob beating up a woman, dressed in a white shalwar kameez and green dupatta. Another young woman, who is accompanied by an elderly woman, can be seeing try to pull her away from the crowd.

The woman is eventually wrestled free from the mob, albeit with great difficulty. She can be seen struggling to catch her breath, her hair strewn about.

Video from Mirpur park: Lahore police

Lahore police said that the video had been traced to a user in Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The incident took place at a park in Mirpur, said police, adding that a citizen named Hasnain had uploaded it on TikTok.

The superintendent of police of the Criminal Record Office (CRO) contacted Hasnain, who told police that he recorded the video at Jarikas family park in Mirpur.

The police said that a row between two families erupted in the park, on August 14, at around 6pm.

Quoting Hasnain, the police said that the man "recorded the video and uploaded it, but deleted it soon after".

The police said that the AJK police have launched an investigation into the incident.

'No concessions'

Earlier in the day, Lahore police said that a probe to ascertain the identity of the victim is underway, with police also trying to determine where the incident took place.

Inspector General of Police Punjab Inam Ghani took notice of the incident and ordered Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ghulam Mahmood Dogar to analyse the footage and submit a report.

Ghani also requested the public to come forward with any information they might have regarding the incident.

He vowed to arrest the perpetrators soon and launch a thorough probe into the incident.

"Those who misbehave and act violently with women deserve no concessions," he said.