Friday Nov 05 2021
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Johnny Depp granted access to Amber Heard's phone records to disprove 'assault' pics

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Heard previously accused Depp of domestic violence in a 2019 op-ed published in the 'Washington Post'

Johnny Depp now has access to Amber Heard's phone call records to prove the claim that she wrongly accused him of assualting her. 

The legal counsel of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who is in a $50 million legal battle against Heard, said, “Ms. Heard’s counsel has repeatedly used these phony photographs at deposition,” lawyer Benjamin Chew alleged to the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Va., in a court filing.

Heard previously accused Depp of domestic violence in a 2019 op-ed published in the Washington Post. 

Shortly after, Depp filed a lawsuit against the Aquaman starlet, accusing him of making a libelous attack on him. 

Though she never mentioned Depp’s name in the article, Heard has elsewhere claimed that she suffered two black eyes, a broken nose and a broken lip at his hands during a 2015 attack in Los Angeles, with photos of the alleged injuries published around the world.

Depp's lawyer, Chew, said the alleged images of the attack are fake and have been morphed. 

He, however, claims that when the LAPD responded to the alleged beating, “they found no injury upon Ms. Heard and no disruption to the penthouses."

“Ms. Heard and her friends then fabricated photos that she used to obtain an ex parte TRO [temporary restraining order] and a $7 million divorce settlement which Ms. Heard falsely testified in London she gave to the ACLU and, more scandalously, to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; sick children with cancer,” Chew alleged in his filing.

He added that the LAPD “disavowed the photographs” and “said they did not depict what they saw.”