Tuesday Nov 30 2021

PM Imran Khan forbids ministers from going on foreign trips for three months

Prime Minister Imran Khan — Asia Society
Prime Minister Imran Khan — Asia Society 

  • PM says next three months crucial for the govt, therefore, ministers will not be allowed to make foreign trips.
  • Takes strict notice of statement issued by some PTI leaders during Glasgow conference.
  • Appreciates the way Malik Amin Aslam represented Pakistan at the Glasgow conference. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that the next three months are crucial for the government, therefore, no federal ministers will be allowed to leave the country on foreign visits, sources informed Geo News.

Addressing a session of the federal cabinet, the premier said that ministers will not be allowed to go on foreign visits without seeking prior permission from the government.

He also took "strict notice" of the statements issued by some party leaders regarding the climate conference in Glasgow (UK), and said that such statements are "utterly unfortunate", sources said.

The prime minister said that during the conference in Glasgow, Pakistan's name remained prominent because of the initiatives the PTI-led government has taken to combat the effects of climate change in the country.

He praised the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam and said that he represented the country at the conference in an excellent fashion.

Zartaj left conference after brawl with Aslam, says PTI MNA

A few days ago, PTI MNA Riaz Fatyana had revealed that Aslam and Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir had entered a heated argument during the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Following the brawl, Wazir had left the conference and had returned to Pakistan.

Fatyana further alleged during the session, that the desired results of the conference could not be achieved due to the incompetence of the Ministry of Climate Change.

However, Aslam brushed Fatyana's allegations aside, saying that Zartaj had left the conference midway to head for the joint session of the Parliament.

"Riaz Fatyana has lied before the Public Accounts Committee," he had said. "Not even a single rupee of the government was spent at the conference. It was organised completely by foreign donors," he had added.

Aslam had said he wasn't aware why Fatyana had levelled the allegations, saying that the PTI lawmaker had arrived at the conference via an NGO's sponsorship and had demanded official protocol.

He had said the Ministry of Climate Change officials declined to provide him with the car, which had been reserved for the official delegation, after which he "harassed" the officials.

"The party should investigate Fatyana," he had stated.