Monday Dec 06 2021
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Prince Harry creates new problems for future King Charles amid Queen's health worries?

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Prince Harry creates new problems for future King Charles amid Queens health worries?

Prince Harry's statement about a cash for honours row engulfing Prince Charles's charitable foundation may add more fuel to the flames, according to some royal fans and commentators.

The Duke of Sussex's latest move may create new problems for the future king amid the Queen's health crisis as she continues rest period on the advice of her medical team.

Harry has reportedly reignited row with his move as some commentators think he 'whacked' father Prince Charles with powerful statement.

The Duke has described a cash for honours row as a "CBE scandal" and distanced himself from the furore.

A statement released on Sunday said that the prince had "raised concerns about" and "severed ties" with Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, who was promised a knighthood and British citizenship after making hefty donations to the Prince's Foundation.

It came after a report alleged that Prince Harry held a private meeting with Mr Mahfouz in 2013, shortly after he had donated £50,000 to his charity, Sentebale. The meeting reportedly took place at a pub in Chelsea, west London, owned by Mark Dyer, a former royal equerry and childhood mentor to the Prince.

"The Duke and his advisers, as well as his non-profit Sentebale, severed ties with Mr Mahfouz and his associates in 2015, no longer accepting further donations to Sentebale and discontinuing any plans for a fundraising event amid growing concerns over the motives for his support," said a statement released on behalf of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry was dragged into the scandal after Michael Fawcett, Prince Charles's closest aide, resigned as chief executive of the Prince's Foundation amid claims he promised to help secure a knighthood and British citizenship for Mr Mahfouz and that donations intended for the charity were instead channelled elsewhere.

An investigation, according to reports, last week found he had co-ordinated with "so-called fixers" over honours nominations for Mr Mahfouz between 2014 and 2018.

The royals are advised to ease ongoing tensions within the family instead of 'adding fuel to the fire' amid Queen's health concerns.