Sunday, March 20, 2022
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Prince Harry to retain ‘key position’ in royal family despite tensions

Prince Harry is to remain a key part of the royal family even after officially stepping down as a senior royal

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Prince Harry is set to remain a key part of the British royal family even after officially stepping down as a senior royal earlier in 2020, reported Express UK.

Harry, who stepped down from his role as a senior royal alongside wife Meghan Markle, does not hold any military or royal patronages anymore and also cannot undertake royal engagements on behalf of the Crown.

Despite all this, Harry will continue to have a prestigious position in the royal firm due to the role of his father, Prince Charles, as the heir to the British throne following the eventual end of his mother Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

Royal author Brian Hoey told Express UK: “One has to remember, in the not too distance future - although I hope it is going to be a long way in the future - Harry is going to be the son of the King.”

“So, they've got to be very careful how they handle him, you see, because no matter what happens, they can never take that away from him,” he added.

Hoey also shared that even after his father’s reign, the throne will come to Prince Harry’s brother Prince William, continuing his close connection to the firm.

The author went on to say that the ongoing rift between Harry and his family can ‘very easily’ be healed, adding: “It may not be as bad as we on the outside think it is anyway. Because I am absolutely sure the Queen holds no feelings of disapproval towards Harry and Meghan, none whatsoever. And she would certainly welcome them back if they returned, and she would like them to be all together.”