Thursday Apr 21 2022
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Body language expert compares Meghan Markle to Princess Diana

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Meghan Markle displays a lot of similarities with her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, specially when displaying her love for Prince Harry, a body language expert has claimed.

According to The Sun, noted body language reader Darren Stanton shared his thoughts about Meghan and Harry’s PDA at the Invictus Games where they shared a warm embrace as well as a kiss.

The Duchess of Sussex reportedly spoke highly of her ‘love and respect’ for Harry while introducing him on stage at the opening ceremony of the games in the Netherlands.

Commenting on the same, Stanton said: “While interacting with the crowds in the Netherlands, Meghan demonstrated similar behaviour to Princess Diana.”

He added: “She was quite happy to interact with members of the public and there’s a great shot of her hugging a young girl in the crowd.”

Stanton went on to share: “As she stepped out with Harry, Meghan was seen wearing a true expression of happiness - again holding hands with Harry, with the pair appearing incredibly tactile over the weekend.”

“Their appearance at the Invictus Games suggests Harry and Meghan are clearly a very strong unit together and they’re not afraid to show the world how they are very much still in love.”

According to Stanton, the ‘most important’ part of the opening night was their kiss, saying: “You don’t usually see this kind of intimacy from a Royal couple and it’s clear to see the connection between the pair.”

He added: “Meghan’s eyes were closed and she was smiling, showing genuine joy and happiness - the same expression is visible on Harry’s face and he and Meghan are touching as they both hold the microphone.”

“This demonstrates that Harry and Meghan feel as strong as ever and there is no question that the pair have a real love for each other.”