Thursday May 26 2022
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Ellen DeGeneres gets candid about filming show’s final series: ‘I was crying every day’

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Ellen DeGeneres opened up about shooting final season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show as she revealed she used to cry every day planning the last few episodes.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the talk show host also addressed the toxic work place scandal when she was also accused of mean behavior with her staff.

She told the publication, “There was a time a couple of months out where I was crying every day. I was really emotional, even though it was my choice, and it’s the right choice. I knew it was time to end this chapter and to do something different, but still it was really emotional. But I did not want the last two weeks to be about that.”

“I’d meditate every day on my intention and how much I wanted to be present and enjoy it and I wanted that for the audience, too,” DeGeneres added. “I wanted people to be reminded of what we brought to television with the music and the games and everything.”

“It was more of a variety show than anything, and I wanted the last two weeks to be pure fun because I struggle with anxiety and depression and I know how important it is to have an escape,” she continued. 

The 64-year-old host was then asked if she ever regretted her decision of wrapping up the show, to which she replied, “No. It’s for sure the right time. The world is in a crazy place.”

She further talked about the controversy her show faced related to harassment allegations, “And you know, I was going to stop three years ago and they talked me into staying a little longer and I did and it’s fine. There was a lot that happened during that time that was unfortunate but it is what it is — you go through stuff in life and you just keep learning and growing. That’s how I have to look at it. But it’s definitely time to stop.”

“I have to just trust that whatever happened during that time, which was obviously very, very difficult, happened for a reason. I think that I learned a lot, and there were some things that came up that I was shocked and surprised by. It was eye-opening, but I just trust that that had to happen,” DeGeneres concluded.