Friday May 27 2022
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Watch: Imran Khan angrily leaves presser after journalist asks hard-hitting questions

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PESHAWAR: PTI Chairman Imran Khan Friday left his press conference midway after a journalist asked hard-hitting questions about governance and his party's role on social media.

The journalist was the last person to ask his question during the Q & A session after Khan had completed his talk.

The reporter suggested to the ousted prime minister that the governance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was not up to the mark and that the province's chief minister, Mahmood Khan, had himself taken the responsibility for media-related matters.

"...Secondly, you have a government in KP, and you are without a doubt a popular leader in Pakhtunkhwa. People cast votes for you, but people have not seen the walls of the prime minister's house and governor's house being demolished, nor did they see universities being built in the chief minister's house."

He alleged that PTI's "keyboard and social media warriors" had decided to conquer Pakistan in 2014. He went on to say that due to the trends being set on social media by PTI, people were "abusing the army general" in every alley across the country.

"What is your message to your supporters?"

Khan's response

Responding to the questions, Khan said he could give a hard-hitting answer to the journalist, but claimed that he did not want to do so.

He stressed that no one "conquers" a country, but they come into power through elections, just like his government did in 2018.

Khan said he was not against the "corrupt" people being in power, rather they wanted transparent elections in the country so no one could raise objections to their results.

To a question that PTI was spreading hate, Khan said he was not involved in inciting people. "We are trying to unite people, without dividing them based on ethnicity."

"All your statements are wrong and instead of asking questions you made a speech during a press conference," Khan angrily said, stood up, and left the presser.