Saturday Jun 11 2022

Watch: Distressed passengers panic during turbulent flight

  • Sources say incident took place on June 9. 
  • "The bad weather caused tremors and turbulence," they say.
  • Video shows passengers reciting Ayat-ul-kursi.

A video has recently surfaced on the internet in which a plane, flying from Karachi to Peshawar, could be seen undergoing violent turbulence, making passengers panic with fear. 

According to sources, the incident took place on June 9. The bad weather caused tremors and turbulence, however, the plane landed safely. 

The video shows the passengers reciting Ayat-ul-kursi and asking for repentance. However, some of the passengers could be seen trying to calm down those who were screaming due to a fear of a plane crash.

The spokesperson of the airline said that the flight had to face turbulence due to the bad weather but the captain managed to land the plane safely. 

"The flights between Karachi and Peshawar are running normally," he added.

— Thumbnail image: AFP/File