Wednesday Jun 29 2022
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Meghan Markle accused of staging ‘PR ploy’ with new Vogue interview

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Meghan Markle’s latest Vogue interview has been called out as a ‘dangerous PR ploy’ by a royal expert in news.com.au.

The comments were made by royal expert Daniela Elser, who commented on the photos that show the Duchess of Sussex working on her laptop in a casual outfit.

As per Elser: “… No matter whose choice the inclusion of this solo photo was, its very presence exemplifies the fact that Meghan’s brand of caring is one that, with a disconcerting frequency, puts her at the very centre of things.”

“The unfortunate consequence is that it can make some of her philanthropic work look dangerously like a PR ploy. The portrait of the artist as a young humanitarian, if you will,” Elser explained.

Elser also reacted to Meghan sharing a photo of herself reacting to the Roe v. Wade ruling by US Supreme Court, saying: “The sticking point for me here is not Meghan weighing into this issue but the manner in which she has done it.”

“Come Remembrance Day in 2019 and the Sussexes did exactly the same thing, handily toting along their own snapper to record them looking appropriately sombre for images which were then distributed to the media,” she concluded.