109 living animals found in Indian women's luggage at Bangkok airport

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Shallow Focus Photography of Brown Gecko. — Pexel
Shallow Focus Photography of Brown Gecko. — Pexel

BANGKOK: Two women were booked at Suvarnabhumi Airport after being accused of smuggling over 100 live animals in their luggage, CNN reported Thai officials as saying.

Thailand's Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation said that 109 wild animals were found in two suitcases after an x-ray inspection.

Wildlife officials said that "two white porcupines, two armadillos, 35 turtles, 50 lizards, and 20 snakes" were discovered.

The luggage belonged to Nithya Raja, 38, and Zakia Sulthana Ebrahim, 24, who were both Indians.

The accused have been charged with violating the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act of 2019, the Animal Disease Act of 2015 and the Customs Act of 2017.