Sunday Jul 03 2022
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Florida teenager pulled out of shark's jaw after it rips part of her thigh

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Representational image of a swimmer seen behind a sharks snout. — Reuters/File
Representational image of a swimmer seen behind a shark's snout. — Reuters/File

A teenager lost a part of her thigh as she was pulled out of the jaws of a shark at a popular beach in Florida, United States.

The affected girl was said to be scalloping off the coast when an estimated 9 feet-long shark attacked her. However, her brother frantically jumped into the water and beat the shark until it loosened its grip on the bloodied girl, the New York Post reported.

According to a Facebook post by the girl's father Shane Bethea, Addison was bit by a shark on June 30 at Keaton beach.

"The shark bit her once and then attacked her again on her right thigh. She tried poking it in the eyes and punching it but it would not turn loose," he wrote.

The teenager was then given immediate aid on the beach and later airlifted to a medical facility located 80 miles away. She underwent surgery but lost a portion of her leg, the publication quoted officials as saying.

However, a local media outlet reported that the girl is likely to survive the wound.

According to the Post, shark attacks are common Florida, which accounts for 40% of all bits in the world.